Audio recording session of Frederick Walking Tour at Enforme Interactive.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing success begins with a well-conceived plan that responds to both your goals and budget. A well-conceived marketing plan will:

  • Establish or confirm the audience(s) that you want to buy your product or service based on gender, age, ethnicity, locality, education, personal interests or other factors;
  • Offer the "heart" of the message that needs to be communicated to that audience;
  • Identify all the types of media that can help you penetrate the determined audience;
  • Provide the cost of each potential media to be used - based on real dollars and the number of people who will actually see or hear that given media;
  • Easily translate into a marketing or advertising schedule that will detail when the selected media will appear or be aired.


Creativity, combined with empathy for people and their needs, have enabled Scott to produce effective and award-winning multi-media advertising campaigns, brochures, sales kits, point of sale displays, cable and radio advertisements and dynamic websites. In addition to calling upon his 30 years of writing, design, publishing, print and media relations experience, Scott also teams with a host of gifted veteran industry professionals accomplished in graphic design, illustration, photography, video, signage and web technologies.

Advertising Agency Services

A recognized advertising agency since 1986, Grove PR plans, creates and also places advertising - removing you from the complex process of media submission. Scott also defers any and all agency placement discounts (typically 15%) back to his clients, thereby reducing the cost of their advertising investment.

Media Relations

A former reporter, Scott is successful in getting media recognition for his clients. His well-conceived media kits and long-standing relationships with journalists have generated thousands of media insertions, responsible for the success of local events, business openings and more.

Social Media

Social media has vastly expanded the realm of traditional media. Grove PR posts press releases on blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter another cyber applications, multiplying the reach of your message.